David Bowie -Transition On Air 1967- '71 [LP] Limited Blue Colored Vinyl (import)

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Limited Edition 180gram Blue Vinyl!

Side One:  Love you till Tuesday - In the heat of the morning - Little bombardier - Silly boy blue - When I live my dream - Unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed

Side Two: Waiting for the man - The width of a circle - Queen bitch - The supermen - Kooks

Side One tracks 1-5 Top Gear recorded at Piccadilly Studio 1, 18th December 1967. Broadcast 24th December 1967. Produced by Bernie Andrews. Track 6 Dave Lee Travis Show recorded at Aeolin Hall Studio 2, 20th October 1969. Broadcast 26th October 1969. produced by Paul Williams. Side Two tracks 1-2 Sounds Of The 70’s - Andy Ferris recorded at Playhouse Theatre Studios, 25th March 1970. Broadcast 6 April 1970. Produced by Bernie Andrews. Tracks 3-5 In Concert - John Peel recorded at Paris Cinema Studio, 3rd June 1971. Broadcast 20th June 1971. Produced by Jeff Griffin.

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