Dave Brubeck - The Essential Dave Brubeck [2LP]

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Career-Spanning Double Vinyl LP!
Remastered From The Original Sources!

The Essential Dave Brubeck provides the ideal survey course in Brubeck Time.

Dave Brubeck is a member of that charmed circle of improvising artists whose popularity is commensurate with their musical accomplishments. The first jazz figure to make the cover of Time Magazine, Brubeck has been a major figure as pianist, composer, and leader of perhaps the most widely known and well-traveled quartet in the history of jazz.

This was the foursome that was together from 1958 to 1967, featuring the elegantly floating alto saxophone of Paul Desmond and bulwarked by the rock-solid bassist Eugene Wright and the spectacular drummer Joe Morello. The quartet's "Take Five" (whose haunting, bluesy melody was written by Desmond) was their crossover breakthrough, leading to gold records featuring a host of exciting pieces in "odd" time signatures, like "Blue Rondo A La Turk".

• Double LP
• The Essential Vinyl Edition
• Remastered From Original Sources

LP 1
Side A:

1. Audrey
2. The Duke (live)
3. In Your Own Sweet Way
4. Someday My Prince Will Come
Side B:
1. Tangerine (live)
2. Brandenburg Gate
3. Three To Get Ready

LP 2
Side C:

1. Take Five
2. Blue Rondo A La Turk
3. Maria
4. It's A Raggy Waltz
Side D:
1. Unsquare Dance
2. Summer Song
3. That Old Black Magic
4. Bossa Nova U.S.A.
5. Theme from "Mr. Broadway"
6. La Paloma Azul (live)