Daryl Hall & John Oates - Do It for Love [2LP]

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2003 Album Reissued on Double LP!
First Time on Vinyl!

The most successful duo in music history, Daryl Hall & John Oates are reissuing their 16th studio album, Do It for Love, first released in 2003 after a six-year release hiatus. The album is being made available for the first time on double LP.

Widely regarded as one of the best Hall & Oates albums, Do It for Love sees the duo serve up their trademark hooky, sophisticated, effortlessly enjoyable blue-eyed soul, appealing to longtime fans and '80s enthusiasts alike. Includes the singles "Do It for Love," "Man on a Mission" and "Getaway Car."


  • Double LP
  • 140g Vinyl
  • First Time on Vinyl
  • Gatefold Jacket
  • Manufactured in Germany


Side A:

  1. Man on a Mission
  2. Do It for Love
  3. Someday We'll Know

Side B:

  1. Forever for You
  2. Life's Too Short
  3. Getaway Car
  4. Make You Stay

Side C:

  1. Miss DJ
  2. (She) Got Me Bad
  3. Breath of Your Life
  4. Intuition

Side D:

  1. Heartbreak Time
  2. Something About You
  3. Love in a Dangerous Time

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