Crowded House - Dreamers Are Waiting [LP] New Music From Iconic Band (Black vinyl)

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New Music From Iconic Band Led by Neil Finn On Black Vinyl LP!

Legendary New Zealand band Crowded House returns with new music after almost 10 years. The full-length album Dreamers Are Waiting features the songs "Whatever You Want" and "To The Island".

Crowded House's timeless songs continue to resonate for new audiences and long-term listeners alike. The group's lineup includes founding members Neil Finn and Nick Seymour, plus Mitchell Froom, Liam Finn and Elroy Finn.


  • Vinyl LP
  • Gatefold jacket


Side A:

  1. Bad Times Good
  2. Playing With Fire
  3. To The Island
  4. Sweet Tooth
  5. Whatever You Want
  6. Show Me The Way

Side B:

  1. Goodnight Everyone
  2. Too Good For This World
  3. Start Of Something
  4. Real Life Woman
  5. Love Isn't Hard At All
  6. Deeper Down

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