Counting Crows - August and Everything After: Live At Town Hall [2LP] BLACK VINYL (180 Gram, import)

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180 Gram Double Vinyl Pressed on BLACK Vinyl! 2007 Live Album!

This live concert was recorded at Town Hall in New York City on September 18, 2007. The album features a performance of the band's 1993 commercial debut album August and Everything After in its entirety. The band performed the songs in the exact tracklist order featured on the original album except for the inclusion of lyrics of the song "Raining In Baltimore" in their performance of their hit single "Round Here".

• 180 Gram Vinyl
• Mastered by Bob Ludwig
• Gatefold Jacket
• Double LP

Jim Bogios, drums, vocals, percussion
David Bryson, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, banjo
Adam Duritz, vocals
Charles Gillingham, Hammond B3 organ, piano, Wurlitzer piano, mellotron, accordian, harmonica, vocals
David Immergluck, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, pedal steel, vocals
Millard Powers, bass guitar, piano, vocals
Dan Vickrey, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, banjo

LP1 - Side A:
1. Round Here / Raining In Baltimore
2. Omaha
3. Mr. Jones
LP1 - Side B:
1. Talking
2. Perfect Blue Buildings
3. Anna Begins
4. Time and Time Again
LP2 - Side C:
1. Rain King
2. Introduction To Sullivan Street
3. Sullivan Street
LP2 - Side D:
1. Ghost Train
2. A Murder of One