Tom Waits - Storytellers : 1999 Broadcast Vol. II [2LP] Limited 140gram Black vinyl, Gatefold, import only release

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Limited Edition 140gram Double Black Vinyl, Gatefold!

In the same year he released Mule Variations, VH1 broadcast an episode of their popular ‘Storytellers’ series with Tom Waits as subject. It aired on 1st April 1999, two weeks before the new album was released. Storytellers allowed Waits to showcase some of his new material - ‘House Where Nobody Lives’, ‘Get Behind The Mule’, ‘What’s He Building’, ‘Chocolate Jesus’- interspersed with a host of classics, and of course a collection of hilarious ‘stories’, around which the show is, and has always been, built.

Unlike many Storytellers episodes, Tom Waits storytellers has never previously been released on vinyl, which features not just the show as transmitted, but additionally three cuts recorded in rehearsal shortly before the concert aired.

Side 1
1. "What's He Building?" (6:51)
2. "A Little Rain" (5:03)

Side 2
1. "Downtown Train" (5:13)
2. "Black Wings" (5:10)

Side 3
1. "Jesus Gonna Be Here" (7:34)
2. "Jersey Girl" (8:10)

Side 4
1. "Chocolate Jesus" (take 2) (3:13)
2. "Tango 'Till They're Sore" (take 2) (3:57)
3. "Hang Down Your Head" (take 2) (9:20)

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