Ten Years After - A Space In Time [2LP] Limited Clear Half-Speed Master Vinyl (limited)

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  • 50th Anniversary
  • Indie Exclusive
  • Half-Speed Master 
  • 2x Clear Vinyl LP

  • A Space In Time is Ten Years After's sixth, and best selling album, and was originally released in August 1971.

    Featuring their most well-known track "I'd Love To Change The World", which regularly features in movies and TV shows, saw the band taking a more melodic direction from previous releases and showcased the band at their peak. This new (delayed) 50th Anniversary edition of the album features a brand new mix by the original producer/engineer, Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones/Emerson Lake & Palmer/Marillion), using the original 2" multitrack tapes. He has used modern day plug-ins that perfectly emulate and expand upon the original recording. The results are stunning. The second disc in this set features the original 1971 mix of the album. Both have been mastered and cut at half-speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios.

    1 One of These Days (Chris Kimsey 2023 Mix)
    2 Here They Come (Chris Kimsey 2023 Mix)
    3 I'd Love to Change the World (Chris Kimsey 2023 Mix)
    4 Over the Hill (Chris Kimsey 2023 Mix)
    5 Baby Won't You Let Me Rock 'N' Roll You (Chris Kimsey 2023 Mix)
    6 Once There Was a Time (Chris Kimsey 2023 Mix)
    7 Let the Sky Fall (Chris Kimsey 2023 Mix)
    8 Hard Monkeys (Chris Kimsey 2023 Mix)
    9 I've Been There Too (Chris Kimsey 2023 Mix)
    10 Uncle Jam (Chris Kimsey 2023 Mix)
    11 One of These Days (Original Mix)
    12 Here They Come (Original Mix)
    13 I'd Love to Change the World (Original Mix)
    14 Over the Hill (Original Mix)
    15 Baby Won't You Let Me Rock 'N' Roll You (Original Mix)
    16 Once There Was a Time (Original Mix)
    17 Let the Sky Fall (Original Mix) (Original Mix)
    18 Hard Monkeys (Original Mix)
    19 I've Been There Too (Original Mix)
    20 Uncle Jam (Original Mix)

    2023 Chrysalis