Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind [3LP] (20th Anniversary)

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20th Anniversary Edition 3LP!
Includes Previously Unreleased Tracks & Demos!

Special 20th Anniversary Edition of Third Eye Blind's eponymous debut album, which features the hits: Semi-Charmed Life, Jumper, How’s It Going To Be.

"Third Eye Blind's eponymous debut is catchier than the average post-grunge album, and that fact alone reveals a lot about the band. Instead of relying on standard, plodding grunge influences, Third Eye Blind draw heavily from the simple hook-laden traditions of classic arena rock, which makes the album more immediate... Third Eye Blind is easy on the ears, and its straight-ahead professionalism makes it a pleasurable listen for post-grungers." -

• 20th Anniversary Edition
• 3LP
• Embossed text on front cover
• Die-cut artwork on back cover
• Includes 1 LP of previously unreleased tracks & demos

Side One:

1. Losing A Whole Year
2. Narcolepsy
3. Semi-charmed Life
4. Jumper
Side Two:
1. Graduate
2. How's It Going To Be
3. Thanks A Lot
Side Three:
1. Burning Man
2. Good For You
3. London
4. I Want You
Side Four:
1. The Background
2. Motorcycle Drive By
3. God Of Wine
Side Five:
1. Alright Caroline (2016 Recording)
2. Scattered (2016 Recording)
3. Slow Motion (Demo)
Side Six:
1. Semi-charmed Life (Demo)
2. Kiss Goodnight (Demo)
3. Scattered (Demo)
4. Heroin (Demo)

2017 Elektra