Stevie Ray Vaughan - Music City USA [2LP] Limited Black vinyl, gatefold (import)

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Limited Edition Live Broadcast On Double Black Vinyl, Gatefold!

Stevie Ray Vaughan first achieved national recognition as the original guitarist on David Bowie's 'Serious Moonlight/Let's Dance' project in 1983.

By the time this concert was recorded at the Austin Opera House, on April 15th the following year, he had already garnered enough success as a solo artist to be able to play a full 90-minute show of cutting-edge blues guitar that was distinctly his own - and wholly original for the time.

Backed by the simple two-man rhythm section dubbed Double Trouble, Vaughan plays with fire and intensity throughout this gig.

A must for blues and rock fans anywhere!

Side 1
1. "Testify"
2. "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)"
3. "Honey Bee"

Side 2
1. "Mary Had A Little Lamb"
2. "Tin Pan Alley"
3. "Pride & Joy"

Side 3
1. "Texas Flood"
2. "Bad Introduction"
3. "Cold Shot"
4. "The Things (That) I Used To Do"

Side 4
1. "Couldn't Stand The Weather"
2. "Stang's Swag"
3. "Testify"
4. "Bad Introduction"
5. "Rude Mood"
6. "Scuttle Buttin'"

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