Steve Miller Band - The Joker [LP] (180 Gram, Yellowish-Green Colored Vinyl)

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Remastered & Pressed On 180g Yellowish Green Vinyl!

‘The Joker’ is remastered and repressed on 180g yellowish green vinyl. The band’s eighth studio album went platinum in the US and was a huge turning point in the band’s career. It features the worldwide hit ‘The Joker’ as well as other highly successful singles.

"The Joker is, without question, the turning point in Steve Miller's career, the album where he infused his blues with a big, bright dose of pop and got exactly what he deserved: Top Ten hits and stardom. He also lost a lot of fans, the ones who dug his winding improvs, because those spacy jams were driven by chops and revealed new worlds. The Joker isn't mind-expanding, it's party music, filled with good vibes, never laying a heavy trip, always keeping things light, relaxed and easygoing... The Joker nevertheless maintains its good-time vibe so well that it's hard not to smile along...provided you're on the same wavelength as Miller, of course." -

• Yellowish Green Vinyl
• 180g Vinyl
• Remastered

Side 1: 

1. Sugar Babe
2. Mary Lou
3. Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma
4. Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash
Side 2:
1. The Joker
2. Lovin' Cup
3. Come On In My Kitchen
4. Evil
5. Something To Believe In

2019 Capitol