Steve Miller Band - Recall The Beginning...A Journey From Eden [LP] (180 Gram, Red Colored Vinyl)

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Remastered & Pressed On 180g Red Vinyl!

‘Recall The Beginning…A Journey From Eden’ is remastered and repressed on 180g red vinyl. The band’s seventh studio album, released in 1972, features the track ‘High On You Mama’.

• Red Vinyl
• 180g Vinyl
• Recording completed on the full eclipse of the moon, January 29, 1972
• Remastered

Side One:

1. Welcome
2. Enter Maurice
3. High On You Mama
4. Heal Your Heart
5. The Sun Is Going Down
6. Somebody Somewhere Help Me
Side Two:
1. Love's Riddle
2. Fandango
3. Nothing Lasts
4. Journey From Eden

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