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Sonic Youth Dirty on 2LP + Goo on LP

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Sonic Youth's second major-label album, produced and mixed by Butch Vig and Andy Wallace (a team that had helped turn Nirvana's Nevermind multi-platinum) was not the barefaced bid for mainstream acceptance that surly underground souls grumbled about in the pages of fanzines.

While Vig and Wallace give guitarists Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo, bassist Kim Gordon, and phenomenal drummer Steve Shelley a wide-screen panorama for their bizarrely-tuned assaults, 1992's Dirty is probably Sonic Youth's most uncompromising album since 1985's Bad Moon Rising-particularly in the lyrical department.

Dropping the deliberate obscurantism, Philip K. Dick references, and smart-alecky snottiness, Sonic Youth brackets a slew of pointed political attacks ("Youth Against Fascism," "Swimsuit Issue," and the Jesse Helms-bashing "Chapel Hill") with two passionate tributes to the band members' murdered friend, Joe Cole ("100%" and "JC"). That Dirty is Sonic Youth's most commercial-sounding album makes it that much more subversive.

 2016 reissue. Geffen


"Goo": [1LP] individually new and sealed with download

Cyberpunk. Karen Carpenter. A date with Mary Christ. The hypnogogic state. Go-carts. Deconstruction. UFO's. Rap misogyny. Joan Crawford. Marriage. A teenage girl named Goo. In the primordial soup that is Sonic Youth, one of the most critically-acclaimed underground bands of all-time, the above is just some of the musical fodder for 1990's Goo, the band's seventh album and first on a major label (DGC Records).

Mixing American myth and pop images with alternative ideas about music in a great cosmic blender, Sonic Youth is truly, ultimately, progressive rock - bold and daring, stretching pop to it's limits, unique and transcendent. "It's important that people know that music is a free thing," explained guitarist Thurston Mooore, "and not to be dictated by anyone."

Sonic Youth doesn't throw away the rock cliches here, they reshape them. With skewed, mangled guitar tunings, and lyrical jump cuts, Sonic Youth's songs aren't the sound of things falling apart but rather of them getting put back together. A landmark album in the history of alternative rock, with Goo Sonic Youth put it all together all right and genre classics like "Dirty Boots," "Kool Thing," and "Mote" are representative of some of the finest work of the band's trailblazing career and the '90s in general.

2016 reissue. Geffen