Sisters of Mercy, The - Acid On The Floor [LP] Limited Red Colored Vinyl (import)

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Limited Edition Import Only Live FM Broadcast From 1984!

Red Colored Vinyl!

Live At Melkweg Amsterdam Holland Jun 2, 1984

Melkweg is a legendary venue when it comes to the music scene in the Netherlands. It has latterly become more well known for its raves but back in the day it hosted huge rock bands such as The Sister of Mercy. They played this Acid on the Floor set live in 1984 for radio broadcast. It's a breathtaking listen that takes you right back to the times when Andrew Eldritch and his gang were on very top form. This show came not long before their now legendary and critically acclaimed album First And Last And Always.


Side 1
1. "Burn" (3:30)
2. "Heartland" (3:40)
3. "Body & Soul" (3:34)
4. "Anaconda" (3:14)
5. "Walk Away" (3:35)
6. "Emma" (7:13)
7. "Alice" (3:32)

Side 2
1. "Floorshow" (3:54)
2. "Adrenachrome" (3:18)
3. "Body Electric" (4:25)
4. "Gimme Shelter" (5:47)
5. "Ghost Rider/Sister Ray" (11:51)

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