Semisonic - Feeling Strangely Fine [2LP] (20th Anniversary, Gold Colored Vinyl, gatefold, 4 bonus tracks, expanded artwork)

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Limited Edition 180g Gold Vinyl 2LP!

Includes Rare B-Sides Not Included On Original Album!
Features The Song "Closing Time"!

Semisonic's 1998 hit album, Feeling Strangely Fine, features the #1 Billboard Modern Rock Track "Closing Time" and globally charting "Secret Smile". This unique collector's edition contains rare b-sides from the album recording sessions and is pressed on 180g Gold Vinyl Double LP.

"When I started writing songs for the album that would become Feeling Strangely Fine, John Munson and Jake Slichter and I were living in South Minneapolis. I had decided a while back that my best songs were about me and the people I loved or admired and our adventures and troubles, and the new songs really reflected that ideal. I was writing about our lives," reflects Dan Wilson. "I remember telling Jake I wanted to make a record that had the folk music simplicity of Simon & Garfunkel but also the loudness of U2 and Nirvana. I wasn't thinking that these songs would become the soundtrack for so many people's lives. We definitely weren't thinking that these songs would still be played on the radio 20 years later."

• 180g Vinyl
• Gold Vinyl
• Double LP
• 20th Anniversary Limited Edition
• 4 bonus tracks (rare B-sides from album recording sessions)
• Expanded artwork
• Deluxe gatefold
• Liner notes by the band

Side One:

1. Closing Time
2. Singing In My Sleep
3. Made To Last
4. Never You Mind
Side Two:
5. Secret Smile
6. DND
7. Completely Pleased
8. This Will Be My Year
Side Three:
1. All Worked Out
2. California
3. She Spreads Her Wings
4. Gone To The Movies
Side Four - Bonus: The 1998 B-Sides:
1. Long Way From Home
2. I'm A Liar
3. Beautiful Regret
4. Makin' A Plan

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