Rolling Stones, The - Let The Airwaves Flow :On Tour '65 Vol. II [LP] Limited import only release

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Limited Import Only Vinyl LP Release!

From February 1964 through to November 1965, the Stones were frequent performers on mainstream radio and television. It was like having them in your living room: they would never offer this easy access again. From 1966 onwards the increasing fragility of Brian Jones would result in the Stones gradually cutting back on their live performances, both in person and on TV. Once 1967’s “Summer Of Love” was safely out of the way the Stones would resurface in the darkly menacing video for Jumping Jack Flash, all tribal make up and bug-eye shades. The weekend would no longer start here, because the weekend would never stop. TV & Radio broadcasts all in excellent sound quality except RSG tracks*.


  1. The Last Time
  2. Little Red Rooster
  3. Everybody Needs Somebody
  4. Oh Baby
  5. Satisfaction
  6. Down The Road Apiece*
  7. Time Is On My Side*
  8. What A Shame*
  9. Everybody Needs Somebody
  10. Pain In My Heart
  11. Around And Around
  12. The Last Time
  13. Time Is On My Side
  14. It's All Over Now
  15. Satisfaction
  16. Everybody Needs Somebody*

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