Rolling Stones - No Stone Left Unturned - Trawlin’ More Vaults 1973/1993 [LP] Limited Marble Colored Vinyl, Numbered (import)

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12 newly discovered studio outtakes!!!

Since we trawled the vaults last time, various oddities have sprung up from private archives that we thought deserved a compilation of their own - From a “Goats Head Soup” demo, alongside a seven track leak of tracks ‘stolen by Leroy Strange’ from the “Bridges To Babylon” and “Voodoo Lounge” sessions that weren’t on any of the Vigotone set - including a new duet featuring Mick and Keith - two tracks from the “Art Collins” collection and an album session alternate from BB King with a handful of Stones in tow - Album tracks in their rawly embryonic forms or, at the very most, left on the cutting room floor at the very last moments. While we wait for the next chapter in the everlasting story of the Stones career, we hope you’ll enjoy a stagger down this road with some excellent Stones outtakes and sessions.


Hide Your Love (1973)
Chuck Berry No. (1975)
Fragile (Like China) (1993)
Undercover (1985)
Ronnie’s Song (Cupid) (1985)
You Got Me Rocking (1993)

Alright Charlie (Vocal Version) (1993)
Don’t Want Somebody Else (1993)
Might As Well Get Juiced (1997)
Low Down (1997)
Saint Of Me (1997)
Paying The Cost To Be The Boss (1997)


Hide Your Love - An early studio lead demo (Monitor mix) of this ’GHS’ track - Mick Taylor on guitar, Mick Jagger on vocals and piano. Recorded c. 1973 in London, a level lower than the studio quality that you’re used to - This embryonic version captures a feeling-around-in-the-dark aspect as the song begins to take shape. The lyrics not yet complete, it’s still based around a piano line but shows early promise.

Chuck Berry No. - An instrumental jam between Keith and Harvey Mandel, recorded at the Black N’ Blue sessions c. 1975 featuring Stu on piano. The title reflecting the riffs as the duo boogie through a near 5 minute jam in the style of the father of Rock n’ Roll with a charging piano line behind. More of a warm up than a substantial track, this was down time in the studio spent wisely and captures a group of musicians sharing licks and laughs as much as ideas. (Recorded between 19th March - 5th April, 1975. Musicland Studios, Munich, West Germany)

Fragile (Like China) - There is an assumption that this track is a ‘Voodoo Lounge’ outtake? A possibility as even though so many of these sessions have already seen release that there’s still the chance that many, many more linger in the vaults, having been passed by already. We hear this track being worked out in the studio, the style of the delivery has already been decided upon - Mick’s falsetto is already in place, Keith’s sleepy vocal lines little more than a sketch at this time. (Possibly April - May, 1993. Blue Wave Studios, St. Phillip, Barbados, West Indies)

Undercover - Beginning with a count in, this early version of ‘Undercover’ features Mick’s vocals sounding like he’d just attempted to drink brass-tacks. A stabbing set of guitar lines rumble against a clattering tribal drum sound. (C. May - August, 1985. Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas)

Ronnie’s Song (Cupid) - A short rendition of part of the Otis Reading song, sung in the studio by Ronnie as rehearsals pre-sessions for ‘Dirty Work’. (21st January - 22nd February, 1985, Pathe Marconi Studios, Boulonge-Billancourt, Paris, France)


You Got Me Rocking - Long before the finished article was presented, this early piece-in-work featuring Keith on piano and (possibly) Vinnie Karslake on bass has just the very hallmarks of the finished article. (9th July - 6th August, 1993. Sandymount Studios, St. Kildare, Ireland)

Alright Charlie (Vocal Version) - Famously presented in instrumental form on the ‘Voodoo Brew’ and ‘Voodoo Stew’ sets. This vocal take features ghost vocals only, of which were seemingly sung off the cuff in the studio (9th July - 6th August, 1993. Sandymount Studios, St. Kildare, Ireland)

Don’t Want Somebody Else - Featuring Vinny Carslake on vocals, this ‘Voodoo Lounge’ track either took a little more inspiration to get the refrain correct or this short snippet was recorded as the band were between studio time, the young Kasrslake took to messing about while the band were waiting for Mick to join them again. Nothing more than a two minute flash, this oddity will certainly not appear on any official outtake collections! (9th July - 6th August, 1993. Sandymount Studios, St. Kildare, Ireland)

Might As Well Get Juiced - Featuring different lyrics and alternate riffs, this version was the first version of this track to be recorded and also found the band introducing a synth to their sound. (13th March - July, 1997, Oceanway Recording Studios)

Low Down - Keith on vocals here, the album version would swap instead with Mick taking singing duties. (13th March - July, 1997. Oceanway Recording Studios)

Saint Of Me - An early take of this live favourite minus multiple overdubs. A much more bare bones version than what it would finally become, it’s also played at a faster pace and is sans Charlie in that it features a drum machine sound, it also features Keith who was curiously missing in the end from the album version. (13th March - July, 1997 Oceanway Recording Studios)

Paying The Cost To Be The Boss - Outtake from the sessions for the BB King album, ‘Deuces Wild’. This extended offcut, minus Mick Jagger’s harp playing, is around 90 seconds longer than the officially released version (One Way Recording Studios / Cherokee Recording Studios, Los Angeles, March / April, 1997. Featuring Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts)