Primus - The Desaturating Seven [LP] (Clear with Rainbow Splatter Colored Vinyl, download)

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Primus are excited to announce their ninth studio album The Desaturating Seven set to release via ATO Records Sept 29th. First studio album of original material since 1995's Tales From The Punchbowl with the classic Primus lineup of Les Claypool (vocal/bass), Larry LaLonde (guitar) & Tim Alexander (drums).


The seven-track record is based on 1978 book The Rainbow Goblins by Italian writer and illustrator Ul de Rico. Bassist Les Claypool was introduced to the book by his wife, both of them struck by ''vibrant and intense and eerie and somewhat creepy'' artwork. The book tells the story of seven goblins, one for each colour of the rainbow, who pull the rest of the colour out of the world.


Rainbow splatter colored vinyl

Single LP

Standard weight

Includes digital download


Track List


1.The Valley

2.The Seven

3.The Trek

4.The Scheme

5.The Dream

6.The Storm

7.The Ends?


2017 ATO