Primus - Tales From The Punchbowl [2LP] (180 Gram, Magenta Colored Vinyl)

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180g Magenta Vinyl Double LP!

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Tales from the Punchbowl is Primus's fourth studio album, released on June 6, 1995. It was the band's last album with drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander before he rejoined Primus seven years later, and again in September 2013. The album was certified Gold on July 20, 1995.

Reissued on 2LP for the first time since 1995, presented with brand new cover art. Features one of the band's biggest singles - "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver". 180g Magenta vinyl.

"By now, Primus' modus operandi is clear and well-established: twisted bass/drum grooves reminiscent of King Crimson gone horribly, horribly wrong, insane ringmaster vocals with cartoonish lyrics, and cutting, off-the-wall guitar. There is much unabashed prog rock in Primus' sound, which even the thick dollops of irony that the band seeks to impart to its compositions are unable to mask completely. Primus' musicianship continues to improve, with the intonation of Les Claypool's trademark fretless bass (a sore spot in the past) more spot-on than ever, and guitarist Larry LaLonde's Fripp-isms are truly convincing for the first time. The funk influences that have always been hinted at on previous Primus records seem more convincing here, as Claypool and drummer Tim 'Herb' Alexander lay down some extremely grooving figures, as on the Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque 'chorus' to 'Mrs. Blaileen.' Of course, the high-energy angular rhythms that Primus is known and loved for are as present as ever; they are just pulled off with greater zest and looser precision (if there is such a thing) than they have in the past. LaLonde in particular seems to have improved a great deal between Pork Soda and Tales From the Punchbowl. His dissonances seem a bit more calculated and less gratuitous and lazy than they often came off before. With high energy and full of surprises, Tales From the Punchbowl is one of Primus' finer discs." - AllMusic

• Double LP
• 180g Vinyl
• Magenta Vinyl
• Brand new cover art
• First official vinyl pressing since 1995

Part 1:

1. Professor Nutbutter's House Of Treats
2. Mrs. Blaileen
3. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
Part 2:
1. Southbound Pachyderm
2. Space Farm
3. Year Of The Parrot
Part 3:
1. Hellbound 17½ (Theme From)
2. Glass Sandwich
3. Del Davis Tree Farm
4. De Anza Jig
Part 4:
1. On The Tweek Again
2. Over The Electric Grapevine
3. Captain Shiner

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