Pink Floyd - Animals [LP] (180 Gram, 2016 version, stereo remastered)

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Remastered & Reissued On 180g Vinyl LP!

Remastered & reissued on 180g vinyl, the 1977 album Animals has been a rare find on vinyl for quite some time. Rolling Stone has rated the album 13/50 on their 50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time.

"Loosely based on George Orwell's book Animal Farm, Roger Waters' third consecutive concept album replaced Orwell's critique of Stalinism with a scathing indictment of capitalist oppression during Margaret Thatcher's term as England's prime minister. The band derided by punks like the Sex Pistols as epitomizing "dinosaur" rock performed thick, rich protest music here, with some of David Gilmour's most glorious blues playing amid bleak panoramas of processed sound. Consisting of three long tracks bookended by the gently acoustic "Pigs on a Wing," Animals was the first album Pink Floyd recorded in its own studio. R.G." -

• 180g Vinyl
• Remastered
• Gatefold jacket

Side A:

1. Pigs On the Wing 1
2. Dogs
Side B:
3. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
4. Sheep
5. Pigs On the Wing 2

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