Peter Gabriel - Woodstock 1994 [LP] Limited Edition Black Vinyl (import)

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Limited Import Only Live 1994 Performance!

Best of Peter Gabriel Live At Woodstock '94, Winston Farm, Saugerties, NY, USA,  August 14, 1994

Peter Gabriel headlined the North Stage on the last night and closed Woodstock ‘94. 

With the crowd exhausted and covered head to toe in mud, Gabriel managed to keep the party going with his technologically advanced show. 

This concert goers experience says it all: “It was incredible to listen to the crowd chanting "In Your Eyes" at around 1a in the morning. 

The flashing lights and the light patterns, the steam coming out in front of the stage, and the entire field brightly lit due to the candles was a  spectacular sight! 

The daring and innovative performance is the reason why Gabriel was the headliner for the entire show.

This energy is now captured on vinyl

Side A:

1.         Come Talk To Me 6:35

2.         Steam 7:33

3.         Red Rain 6:44

4.         Solsbury Hill 4:08

Side B :

5.         Sledgehammer 6:03

6.         Digging In The Dirt 7:03

7.         In Your Eyes (with Youssou N'dour) 9:18

Playing time : 47 minutes

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