Pearl Jam- Chicago 1995 Vol. 2 Import [2LP]

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Limited Edition Double LP!

On this evening in 1995, Pearl Jam played their longest show to date, a raging evening where the only goal, it seemed, was “to play as long as they do.” And from ‘Release’ (begins Volume 1) until the closing ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ nearly three hours later, Pearl Jam deliver what should rank among their finest nights. This is the second installment of two recorded at that landmark show.

• Limited Edition
• Double LP

LP 1
Side A:

1. Ed On The Chicago Bears & US Radio
2. Not For You
3. Little Wing (Clip) & Eddie On Ticketmaster
4. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
5. Immortality
Side B:
6. Alive
7. Porch
8. Everyday People

LP 2
Side C:

9. Let My Love Open The Door
10. Better Man
11. Rearviewmirror
Side D:
12. Black
13. Blood
14. Yellow Ledbetter