Paul Rodgers - Midnight Rose [LP] First solo release in 20 years (Bad Company)

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All New Original Songs!

First Solo Release In Nearly 20 Years!

Legendary rock and roll vocalist Paul Rodgers is ready to rock with a new album of original music. Midnight Rose, his first solo studio release in nearly a decade. A celebration of a storied career and a feel-good, hopeful look towards the future, Midnight Rose features Paul’s quintessential larger-than-life vocals in a whole new chapter of his career. Named one of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, Rodgers powers through all original, new tracks like “Living It Up,” “Take Love,” and “Photo Shooter.”

Track List:


  1. Coming Home

  2. Photo Shooter

  3. Midnight Rose

  4. Living It Up


  1. Dance In The Sun

  2. Take Love

  3. Highway Robber

  4. Melting

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