Nick Lowe - Labour Of Lust [LP] (Pink Vinyl, download)

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1979 Album Remastered On Limited Edition Pink Vinyl LP!

Featuring Nick's Mega-Hit "Cruel To Be Kind"!

Originally released in 1979 and long-out-of-print, Nick Lowe's Labour Of Lust album has been remastered to its original glory and includes both the U.K.-only track "Endless Grey Ribbon" and the U.S.-only track "American Squirm", along with the bonus B-Side "Basing Street".

Hailed by Trouser Press as "a brilliant piss-taker that pairs sprightly pop and savage lyrical wit" and by Rolling Stone as "...a hookfest full of barbed wit," the album features Nick's worldwide mega-hit "Cruel To Be Kind" and is being released on pink vinyl for a limited time!

Jesus of Cool was a jukebox, spinning out a series of perfectly crafted - and decidedly quirky and subversive - pop singles. In contrast, Nick Lowe's second album, Labour of Lust, is the work of a bar band, in this case Rockpile, playing the hell out of the same type of songs. Naturally, the result is a more coherent sound that may be a little less freewheelingly eclectic, but it is no less brilliant... It's an exceptional collection of inventive pop songs, delivered with vigor and energy, making it one of the great records of the new wave.
-Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AllMusic


  • Limited Edition - 2500 Copies Worldwide
  • Pink Vinyl
  • Remastered
  • Includes UK-only track "Endless Grey Ribbon" & US-only track "American Squirm"
  • Bonus Track "Basing Street"


Side A:

  1. Cruel To Be Kind
  2. Cracking Up
  3. Big Kick, Plain Scrap
  4. American Squirm
  5. Born Fighter
  6. You Make Me
  7. Skin Deep

Side B:

  1. Switchboard Susan
  2. Endless Grey Ribbon
  3. Without Love
  4. Dose Of You
  5. Love So Fine
  6. Basing Street (Bonus Track)

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