Mike Tramp - Stray From The Flock [2LP] Orange vinyl, White Lion singer solo release

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 Mike Tramp, the legendary voice of White Lion and Freak Of Nature, releases the new solo album, Stray From the Flock. Staying true to both the timeless roots of rock 'n' roll and his own roots, Stray From The Flock is the latest in a stellar collection of records written and released by Tramp since 1997. From the excellence of his debut Capricorn to Maybe Tomorrow, Tramp has been on a distinctive, solo journey that has seen him reinventing himself and reaching a consistency in look, feel and a sound that centers on some of the finest, acoustic-based-yet-hauntingly melodic songs you'll ever hear. Recorded at Ark Studio in Denmark and mixed in Sweden by Peter Masson, Stray From The Flock essentially takes the template of 2013's Cobblestone Street one step further. It's also an album that pretty much wrote itself. "I picked up the guitar and the songs just started flying out of me," Tramp says. "I thought, 'F***! There's an album that wants to come out of here."

2019 Dekko Music