Metallica -Seattle '89: The Classic Washington State Broadcast Vol. 1 [2LP] Limited LP + 1-Sided LP (import)

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Limited LP + 1-Sided LP!

Vol. 1 Of Two Volume Series!

Two limited double album recorded on three-sides. Metallica’s 1988...And Justice For All - their first album to break into the Billboard Top 10, peaking at No. 6 - still remains the bands biggest-seller. Having to date shifted eight million copies in the U.S. alone, the record also earned the thrash metal heroes their debut Grammy award. Containing as it does a number of absolute classics, including hit single One, this enduring masterwork is still the favorite out of all of Metallicas releases for many fans. In the wake of the album success the band embarked on the mammoth Damaged Justice tour, playing a staggering 219 shows across five continents from 11th September 88 to 8th October 89. Many of the performances given during this jaunt remain among the finest Metallica shows ever performed. Notably, their appearance at The Seattle Center Coliseum on 30th August 1989, still is one of the highest point in their career.

Side 1
1. "The Ecstacy Of Gold/Blackened" (8:41)
2. "For Whom The Bell Tolls" (4:53)
3. "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" (6:53)

Side 2
1. "Harvester Of Sorrow" (5:27)
2. "The Four Horsemen" (7:15)
3. "The Thing That Should Not Be" (7:02)
4. "Bass Solo" (5:01)

Side 3
1. "To Live Is To Die" (5:54)
2. "Master Of Puppets" (4:34)
3. "Fade To Black" (8:53)

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