Melrose Place: The Music (Soundtrack) [LP] (Transparent Teal Vinyl, first time on vinyl, feats. Aimee Mann, Urge Overkill, Sam Phillips, Dinosaur Jr, Frente!, Annie Lennox, James)

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Soundtrack On Transparent Teal Vinyl LP!

A Great '90s Alternative Rock Album!

Features Some of The Decade's Greatest Artists!

Melrose Place aired for seven seasons from July 1992 to May 1999. The show followed young adults living in an apartment complex in West Hollywood, California. the show earned several Golden Globe nominations.

This album contains music from Aimee Mann, Urge Overkill, Annie Lennox, Paul Westerberg and more.

"It's an alternative rock collection for the mainstream, but who cares when the pleasures are as great as Urge Overkill's arena-ballad redux "Back On Me" and Aimee Mann's gorgeous pop confection "That's Just What You Are"? Song for song, it has a higher good-song ratio than most soundtracks, making Melrose Place an embarrassingly guilty pleasure. it's almost as fun as the show itself." - Stephen Thomas Erlewine,

• Transparent Teal Vinyl

Side A:

1. That's Just What You Are - Aimee Mann
2. Back On Me - Urge Overkill
3. Baby I Can't Pleas You - Sam Phillips
4. Blah - Dinosaur Jr
5. Ordinary Angels - Frente!
6. Precious - Annie Lennox
Side B:
1. I'm Jealous - Divinyls
2. Kids...This Is Fabulon - Seed
3. Here and Now - Letters To Cleo
4. How Was It For You - James
5. A Star Is Bored - Paul Westerberg

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