Lenny Kravitz - 5 [2LP] (180 Gram, Orange/White Vinyl, first time on vinyl)

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Orange & White 180g Vinyl Double LP!

For its 20th Anniversary, 5 is released for the first time ever on vinyl! Featuring the No 1 hit "Fly Away", the record is 2 LPs pressed on orange and white 180g vinyl. The original LP was 13 tracks; this is the 15 track edition including Lenny's hit cover of "American Woman," from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and the non-LP B-side "Without You". 5 was Platinum selling in 5x territories and went Gold in 10x territories ex-US.

"Considering Lenny Kravitz's retro leanings, it's a surprise that only one of his '90s-era albums was released on vinyl in the U.S., and that one of them wasn't put out on wax until just now. The format is befitting his tendency at the time for throwback sounds that evoked the psychedelic pop of the '60s and the funk-rock of the '70s. And hearing them today on LP, they sound perfect for the medium, marked by full, round bass tones and putting his playful mixing ideas into bold relief (the album version of Are You Gonna Go My Way's title track is filled with fun details that got washed out in the single release). There's also the added incentive of bonus tracks tacked on to the end of all the records save Mama Said, fleshing out the story of each point in Kravitz's early career nicely. The quality of each LP varies a bit. There's some noticeable clipping that happens during some of the more aggressive moments on Are You Gonna Go My Way, and the pressing of 5 is noticeably quieter than the rest. At the same time, Kravitz's love of analog recording techniques and vintage instruments have proven to be beneficial when transferring these 20+ year old tunes to wax. The effects of the transfer to a digital medium—a flattening and separating of the sonic elements—have been removed, making for material that sounds so much more alive and electrifying." - Paste Magazine

• 180g Vinyl
• Orange & White Vinyl
• Double LP
• 20th Anniversary
• Gatefold jacket
• Made in Czech Republic
• 2 Bonus Tracks

Side A:

1. Live
2. Supersoulfighter
3. I Belong To You
4. Black Velveteen
Side B:
1. If You Can't Say No
2. Thinking Of You
3. Take Time
Side C:
1. Fly Away
2. It's Your Life
3. Straight Cold Player
4. Little Girl's Eyes
Side D:
1. You're My Flavor
2. Can We Find A Reason
3. American Woman (Bonus Track)
4. Without You (Bonus Track)

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