King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Fishing For Fishies [LP] (Swamp Green Colored Vinyl)

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Transparent swamp green & opaque yellow vinyl mixed w/galaxy effect
  • Fold-out 24”x36” poster
  • Custom inner-sleeve w/lyrics
  • Single LP, standard weight
  • Digital download

  • King Gizzard’s fourteenth album since their 2012 debut – Fishing for Fishies is a blues-infused blast of sonic boogie that struts and shimmies through several moods and terrains. From the soft shuffle Outback country of the opening title track through the sunny easy listening of ‘The Bird Song’ (think the lysergically-soaked Laurel Canyon circa 1973) and on through the party funk of ‘Plastic Boogie’ (which somehow summons the spirit of Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions) the road-trucking, Doors-like highway rock of ‘The Cruel Millennial’ and ‘Real’s Not Real’ - what The Carpenters might have sounded like had they existed entirely on vegemite and weed - it’s a dizzying, dazzling display. 
    And that’s all before we even get to ‘Acarine’, a futurist blues tune which heads off into previously unchartered territories of shimmering Eno-esque ambient and dark John Carpenter-style electro, and the electro squelch of album-closing single ‘Cyboogie’, on which five of the seven King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard members play synths. It’s a stomping vocoder-lead anthem akin to Georgio Moroder or Trans-era Neil Young and a triumphant conclusion to an album that is as surprising as it is thrilling, as unexpected as it is effortless.
  • Tracklist
    1. Fishing for Fishies 
    2. Boogieman Sam 
    3. The Bird Song 
    4. Plastic Boogie 
    5. The Cruel Millenial 
    6. Real’s Not Real 
    7. This Thing 
    8. Acarine 
    9. Cyboogie 

    2019 ATO Records