Judas Priest - Fuel For Life 1986 [LP] 180gram vinyl (import)

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Limited 180gram Vinyl LP Live Radio Broadcast!

Judas Priest are one of the most iconic metal bands of all time. Founded in 1969 the band was part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, eventually paving the way for speed and death metal. Judas Priest is instantly recognizable because of the forceful dual lead guitars and almost operatic vocals of Rob Halford. They didn’t only influence the sound of metal, but also the look, heavily clad in leather and chains. In 1986, fresh off the release of ‘Turbo’, ‘Priest’ toured the world with a more colorful stage look and a more mainstream glam metal sound to their music. Resulting in a hit packed performance now available on vinyl.



1. Metal Gods
2. Electric Eye
3. Breaking The Law
4. Heading Out To The Highway
5. Rock You All Around The World
6. Private Property


1. Victim of Changes
2. Living After Midnight
3. Turbo Lover
4. Hell Bent For Leather

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