Jimmy Buffett - Equal Strain On All Parts [2LP] Electric Blue Colored Vinyl

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Buffett's Final Album Completed Shortly Before His Passing!

Electric Blue Colored Double Vinyl LP!

Features Paul McCartney, Emmylou Harris, Angelique Kidjo & The Preservation Hall Jazz Band!

Singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett regaled audiences for over five decades with songs about the faces and places from his lifelong journey along the road less traveled. His final album, Equal Strain on All Parts, is a new chapter in that story as a playful and heartfelt gift to his dedicated fans. Inspired by his grandfather's description of a good nap, the new album features some well-known friends, including Paul McCartney, Emmylou Harris, Angelique Kidjo, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Electric blue 2LP.


  • Double LP
  • Electric Blue Vinyl
  • Gatefold Jacket


Side A:

  1. University of Bourbon Street
  2. Bubbles Up
  3. Audience of One

Side B:

  1. My Gummie Just Kicked In
  2. Close Calls
  3. Equal Strain on All Parts
  4. Like My Dog

Side C:

  1. Ti Punch Café
  2. Portugal or PEI
  3. Nobody Works on Friday
  4. Fish Porn

Side D:

  1. Johnny's Rhum
  2. Columbus
  3. Mozambique

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