Jerry Cantrell - Degradation Trip [4LP] (Halloween Orange & Brown Vinyl, 20th Anniversary Edition, 28 page booklet)

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Exclusive Halloween Orange & Brown Color Vinyl 4LP!

Contains Both Volumes from the Expanded Edition!

First US Pressing Since 2002!

20th anniversary reissue of Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell's critically acclaimed second solo album with reimagined cover art and packaging, 12" 28-page booklet, and exclusive colored Halloween orange and brown color vinyl. First pressing in the U.S. since 2002.

Degradation Trip was released in June 2002 with the expanded edition, Degradation Trip Volumes 1 & 2, released five months later. The expanded edition contains all the material recorded during the Degradation Trip sessions and presented in the order Jerry Cantrell originally planned.

Explains Cantrell, "It was such a massive project - 25 songs, two discs, for my debut on a new label. Roadrunner, though, agreed with my commitment and that this was essentially a double album released in two parts."

his best, most consistent writing since Dirt... it certainly serves as an effective reminder in a time that's over-run with Alice in Chains clones of how powerful, dramatic, and resonant these hypnotic guitar dirges can be, especially when they're written by somebody at the top of their game.
-Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AllMusic, 4/5


  • 20th Anniversary
  • Exclusive Halloween Orange & Brown Vinyl
  • 4LP
  • First US Pressing Since 2002
  • Reimagined Cover Art & Packaging
  • Side-Loading Jacket
  • 12" 28-Page Booklet


Vol. 1

  1. Psychotic Break
  2. Bargain Basement Howard Hughes
  3. Owned
  4. Angel Eyes
  5. Solitude
  6. Mother's Spinning in Her Grave (Glass Dick Jones)
  7. Hellbound
  8. Spiderbite
  9. Pro False Idol
  10. Feel the Void
  11. Locked On
  12. Gone

Vol. 2

  1. Castaway
  2. Chemical Tribe
  3. What It Takes
  4. Dying Inside
  5. Siddhartha
  6. Hurts Don't it?
  7. She Was My Girl
  8. Pig Charmer
  9. Anger Rising
  10. S.O.S.
  11. Give It a Name
  12. Thanks Anyway
  13. 31/32