Iron Maiden - UK Tour 1980 [2LP] Limited Red Colored Vinyl, Gatefold

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Limited Edition Import Only Double Red Colored Vinyl

Deluxe Gatefold sleeve.  The Full audience recordings directly from the original masters.

Available for the first time in the USA.

Including the hit singles Running Free, Wrathchild, Killers and Iron Maiden


A1  The Ides of March
A2  Sanctuary
A3  Wrathchild
A4  Prowler
B1  Remember Tomorrow
B2  Killers
B3  Running Free
C1  Another Life
C2  Drum Solo
C3  Transylvania
C4  Strange World
C5  Charlotte the Harlot
D1  Phantom of the Opera
D2  Iron Maiden
D3  Drifter