Iron Maiden - Maiden Tokyo [2LP] Limited & Numbered Green Marbled Colored Vinyl, Gatefold (import)

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Limited Edition Numbered Green Marbled Colored Double Vinyl , Gatefold!

This is Number 082 out of 300 Pressed Worldwide!

New & Sealed


Recorded Live at Sun Plaza, Tokyo, 1981
Limited edition of 300 NUMBERED copies on GREEN MARBLED COLOURED VINYL
Gatefold Cover

A must-have for any maiden fan of Paul Dianno. The tempo of the set is so fast and intense Maiden never sounded like this again and I’m so glad it was recorded for everyone to hear how different Maiden changed the following yr in 82 with Bruce.

Soundboard Recording


A1 Wrathchild
A2 Purgatory
A3 Sanctuary
A4 Remember Tomorrow

B1 Another Life
B2 Genghis Khan
B3 Killers
B4 Innocent Exile

C1 Twilight Zone
C2 Strange World
C3 Murders In The Rue Morgue
C4 Phantom Of The Opera

D1 Iron Maiden
D2 Running Free
D3 Transylvania
D4 Drifter