Iron Maiden - La Dernière Volonté D'Eddie [3LP] Limited Red, White & Blue Colored Vinyl, Numbered (import)

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Limited Edition Red, White &  Blue Colored Triple Vinyl!

This is Number 282 out of 300 Pressed Worldwide!!

Recorded at Élyséé Montmatre, Paris, France on the 10. April 1993.
Limited and numbered edition of 300 copies.
Vinyl in Colors of the French Flag (Tricolore) Blue, White and Red.


A1 Be Quick Or Be Dead
A2 The Number Of The Beast
A3 Prowler
A4 Transylvania

B1 Remember Tomorrow
B2 Where Eagles Dare
B3 From Here To Eternity

C1 Wasting Love
C2 Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter
C3 Wasted Years
C4 The Evil That Men Do

D1 Afraid To Shoot Strangers
D2 Fear Of The Dark
D3 The Clairvoyant

E1 Heaven Can Wait
E2 Run To The Hills
E3 Iron Maiden

F1 Hallowed Be Thy Name
F2 The Trooper
F3 Sanctuary