Heart - Heart [LP] (Translucent Red 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, Valentines Day Edition, gatefold, limited)

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Limited Valentine's Day Edition 180g Audiophile Translucent Red Vinyl LP!
Mastered by Friday Music's Joe Reagoso From Original Capitol Tapes!

Heart's 1985 self-titled masterpiece 'Heart', the amazing quintuple platinum 8th album from sisters Ann & Nancy Wilson, will always be considered one of classic rock's most enduring masterpieces. Boasting many smash hits like "These Dreams", "Never", "What About Love" and "Nothin' At All", this amazing LP continues to enthrall the avid listener while gaining new Heart fans everyday, thanks to the continual rock and pop airplay this top charting album demands.

The first #1 album not only solidified the band's place in rock royalty, 'Heart' has continually etched the title superstar to Heart as they have been a mainstay in the hearts and minds of music fans ever since.

As a further installment to the Friday Music Heart 180 Gram Audiophile Series, Friday Music is now very honored to be re-presenting Heart's 'Heart' for the first time ever on super limited Valentine's Edition Translucent Red Audiophile Vinyl!

This Valentine's Day limited edition release is mastered impeccably from the original Capitol tapes by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios. This masterwork truly captivates the listener in the audiophile vinyl domain. The stunning vocals and guitar artistry of Ann and Nancy Wilson is second to none as you will relive the great sound delivered from this mega classic.

For this special edition release, you can also count on the original artwork graphics in a very striking gatefold cover, making this a further enhancement to your Heart listening experience.

Another fine installment in the Heart 180 Gram Audiophile Series at Friday Music... You asked for it, Friday Music have heard you loud and clear and hear it is! 'Heart' by Heart on Valentine's Day Limited Edition 180 Gram Translucent Red Audiophile Vinyl.


  • Limited Valentine's Day Edition
  • 180g Audiophile Vinyl
  • Translucent Red Vinyl
  • Mastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios
  • Mastered from original Capitol tapes
  • Gatefold cover


  1. If Looks Could Kill
  2. What About Love
  3. Never
  4. These Dreams
  5. The Wolf
  6. All Eyes
  7. Nobody Home
  8. Nothin' At All
  9. What He Don't Know
  10. Shell Shock

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