Goo Goo Dolls - Live at The Academy, New York City, 1995 [3LP] Live Performance

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Special 1995 Live Performance on Triple Black Vinyl!

In November 1995, just as their song "Name" was becoming their first hit, Goo Goo Dolls played their biggest live show to date. It was at the prestigious Academy Theatre in New York City, as part CMJ's Music Marathon - an important annual convention at the time. The entire concert was recorded by a mobile recording truck, including the acoustic soundcheck that was performed in front of an audience of competition winners and broadcast on Tom Calderone's show on a local radio station. This release includes the soundcheck, full set and the encores the band played that night. 32 songs that capture this special night and the incredible energy and intensity of the band's performance on 3-LPs.


  • 3LP
  • Full Concert, Encores & Special Acoustic Soundcheck
  • Made in the USA



  1. Girl Right Next to Me
  2. Impersonality
  3. Two Days in February
  4. Another Second Time Around
  5. Name
  6. Don't Change
  7. Naked


  1. Introduction
  2. Just The Way You Are
  3. Burnin' Up
  4. Fallin' Down Again
  5. Million Miles Away
  6. Lucky Star
  7. String of Lies
  8. Impersonality
  9. Long Way Down
  10. Only One
  11. Already There
  12. Naked
  13. Name
  14. So Outta Line
  15. Eyes Wide Open
  16. Another Second Time Around
  17. Up Yours
  18. Stop the World
  19. Flat Top


  1. Two Days in February
  2. Slave Girl
  3. Don't Change
  4. Girl Right Next to Me
  5. Impersonality
  6. Naked
  7. Never Take the Place of Your Man

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