Frank Sinatra - That's Life [LP] 2016 Vinyl LP

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Frank Sinatra That's Life on 180g LP

Throughout his unrivaled 60-year career, Frank Sinatra demonstrated a remarkable ability to thrive in changing times, moving deftly from the swing era to the rock-and-roll era. He performed on more than 1,400 recordings, and was awarded 31 gold, nine platinum, three double platinum and one triple platinum album by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Ol' Blue Eyes began the golden age in which American popular music became a universal language and this extraordinary creative genius is its most articulate spokesman worldwide. Sinatra's contribution to our life and times extends far beyond his music, to embrace an exuberance, a zest for life, a sense of style and a glorious self-confidence that define, for all time, what it meant to be young at heart and have the world on a string. His spirit and vision continue to be defined by the wisdom and insight from the legacy of work he left behind.

Supported by a sympathetic studio orchestra arranged and conducted by Ernie Freeman, the 1966 Reprise release That's Life finds Frank in his wheelhouse incorporating both traditional and contemporary pop with sweeping commercial appeal. Both the charming title track single and the album itself became Top Ten hits on the US Billboard charts and the mood here is wonderfully personified by a grinning Sinatra on the cover! 

2016/ Capitol Records