Eric Clapton - Unplugged [2LP] 2023 Re-issue (best selling live album of all time)

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Grammy-Winning 1992 Acoustic Album Reissued on Double LP!
The Best-Selling Live Album of All Time!

1993 Grammy Award Winner:
• Album Of The Year: Unplugged
• Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male: Unplugged
• Best Rock Song: "Layla"

On January 16, 1992, 300 music fans boarded coaches in London that took them to Bray Studios, near Windsor. Little did they know music history would be made on Soundstage 1 as MTV filmed the opening episode of Unplugged's third season. It turned out to be some of the finest music ever recorded by Eric Clapton.

His bestselling album — and the bestselling live album of all time — with over 26M copies sold worldwide, Unplugged was awarded Album of the Year at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards, with Clapton also winning Best Rock Vocal Performance - Male (Unplugged) and Best Rock Song ("Layla").


  • Double LP


Side One:

  1. Signe
  2. Before You Accuse Me
  3. Hey Hey
  4. Tears in Heaven

Side Two:

  1. Lonely Stranger
  2. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
  3. Layla
  4. Running On Faith

Side Three:

  1. Walkin' Blues
  2. Alberta
  3. San Francisco Bay Blues

Side Four:

  1. Malted Milk
  2. Old Love
  3. Rollin' and Tumblin'

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