Doors, The - Lizard In The Studio [LP] Limited Olive Marbled Color Vinyl (import)

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Limited Edition Olive Marbled Color Vinyl!

Israeli Import Only Release!

For more than four decades Doors fans were extatic over the live version of "The Celebration of The Lizard". Rumors of the existence of a studio recording of this epic circled around fans but it never surfaced.  Now for the first time, here it is, in a crystal clear stereo sound, 1st generation studio recording of what should have been out many year ago.

Other tracks on this LP are outtakes of the same period with the exception of the last two tracks.  A real gem.


Side 1
1. "The Celebration Of The Lizard" (17:15)

Side 2
1. "Not To Touch The Earth" (Dialogue) (0:43)
2. "Not To Touch The Earth" (take 1) (3:57)
3. "Not To Touch The Earth" (take 2) (4:09)
4. "Albinoni's Adagio In G Minor" (4:38)
5. "Hello, I Love You" (demo) (2:32)
6. "Moonlight Drive" (demo) (2:29)



Subtitled as "First time ever, studio version".
A1 is the full lenth of "Lizard" as recorded in the studio.
B1 to B4 are studio outtakes of the the sessions.
B5, B6 are band demos.

2022 Avitom Israel