David Bowie - The Shape Of Things To Come Episode 3: Let Me Sleep Beside You [7"] (limited numbered transparent red vinyl 7")

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Limited Edition 7" Red Colored Vinyl!

This one is for the hardcore fans - a limited edition transparent red 7" featuring a version of 'Let Me Sleep Beside You' that was first recorded on the 1st of September 1967 at Advision Studios. It's just over three minutes of Bowie bliss. On the reverse is another tune recorded in the same special sessions, 'Karma Man.' It is said that Bowie was dead broke when he wrote the album before the one these appeared on after it had flopped and so these are "bald attempts to ape the success of the Stones' 'Let's Spend the Night Together.'"

Side 1
1. "Let Me Sleep Beside You" (Recorded 1st September 1967 At Advision Studios) (3:23)
Side 2
1. "Karma Man" (Recorded 1st September 1967 At Advision Studios) (2:56)

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