Danny Elfman - Summer School (Motion Picture Score) [LP] (Random Seafoam Green or Beer Yellow Vinyl, first-ever release, remastered, 45RPM, 2 bonus tracks, gatefold, limited to 650)

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Previously Unreleased Score for '87 Film on 12" Vinyl EP!

Newly Remastered from the Original Audio Tapes & Cut at 45rpm!

Includes 2 Bonus Danny Elfman Tracks Not Used in the Film!

Pressed on 2 Random Variant Colors - Seafoam Green Mix or Transparent Beer Yellow Vinyl!

After Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, but before Beetlejuice, Danny Elfman brought his scoring talents to the 1987 Mark Harmon/Kirstie Alley remedial English comedy Summer School. While the film was met with a tepid box office and critical performance, decades later the movie found a fervent cult following with both comedy and horror fans.

For over 35 years, Summer School's Elfman score was the only soundtrack in his film canon to remain unreleased... until now!

Rusted Wave and 1984 Publishing, in conjunction with Paramount Pictures, are bringing this long-lost Elfman score to vinyl. The gatefold edition 12-inch vinyl EP includes the complete Elfman score cut at 45 RPM (newly remastered from the original audio tapes), two recently unearthed Elfman compositions that were not used in the film, and rare film stills.

''Summer School contains: practical jokes, field trips, rebellion, acceptance, evil principals, absent girlfriends, a birth, a scene involving lots of special-effects makeup, a display of total teaching ineptitude, and some very mild sex.'' - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Rusted Wave's Jake Lamme: ''We are super excited to kick off summer [2023] with these releases from two of our favorite summer flicks (Summer School and the recently-released Record Store Day edition of Summer Rental)! If there was a Mt. Rushmore for Hollywood film composers, Elfman and Silvestri would be on it, so being able to release these scores back to back is a real treat!''

1984 Publishing's Matthew Chojnacki: ''Both Summer School and Summer Rental were go-to VHS favorites of mine growing up. Every summer vacation needs a Scully and a Yorku... and if you are stuck in remedial English for the summer, a Chainsaw and a Mr. Shoop.''


  • Limited Edition - 650 Copies
  • 12" Vinyl EP
  • 45rpm
  • Pressed on One of Two Random Color Variants
  • "Oceanfront High School" Seafoam Green Mix Vinyl (350 Copies)
  • "Beach Brew" Transparent Beer Yellow Vinyl (300 Copies)
  • Restored & Mastered from the Original Source Tapes
  • Vinyl Mastered by Marty Lester at Everywhere Audio
  • 2 Bonus Danny Elfman Tracks Not Used in the Film
  • Gatefold Jacket with Behind-the-Scenes Stills
  • Art Direction by Dan Goldwasser at Warm Butter Design


Side A:

  1. Driving Test
  2. Animal Farm
  3. Killer Rabbits
  4. Shoop Wears Suit
  5. Football Lesson
  6. Peanut Butter
  7. Denise's Big Moment
  8. Broken Fender
  9. Study Montage
  10. Class Goes Home / Sad Dog
  11. Chainsaw's Dream
  12. I Failed
  13. Tenure

Side B:

  1. Extra Credit A *
  2. Extra Credit B *

* bonus tracks not used in film

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