Cure, The - Amsterdam 1979 [LP] Limited Import Only Vinyl LP

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Limited Import Only Vinyl LP Release!

Superb FM radio broadcast from the Melkweg Club in Amsterdam on 10th December 1979 catching the band on perfect form -broadcast nationwide throughout the Netherlands now available on a limited-edition high-quality vinyl pressing.

•Digitally Remastered to ensure the best possible sound quality for your audio entertainment.
•180 g premium vinyl, high grade processing used in the cutting of lacquers generating exceptional high-quality vinyl.
•Unique concept and branded sleeve design with a creative edge that makes the release a must have for any fan and collection.
•Manufactured with the latest pressing technology on the market.

Seventeen Seconds / M / Saturday Night / Play For Today / Fire In Cairo / A Forest / Three Imaginary Boys
Another Journey By Train / Jumping Someone Else’s Train / Killing An Arab / Subway Song / Grinding Halt / Boys Don’t Cry / A Forest (Encore)

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