Cure, The - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me: Demos & Outtakes [LP] Limited Import Only Vinyl LP

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Limited Import Only Vinyl LP Release!


Various Demos & Outtakes!


A1 The Kiss (Us Home Demo)
A2 The Perfect Girl (Beethoven St. Studio Demo)
A3 Like Cockatoos (Beethoven St. Studio Demo)
A4 All I Want (Beethoven St. Studio Demo)
A5 Hot Hot Hot!!! (Beethoven St. Studio Demo)
A6 Shiver And Shake (Jean Costas Studio Demo)
A7 If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (Jean Costas Studio Demo)

B1 Just Like Heaven (Jean Costas Studio Demo)
B2 Hey You! (Jean Costas Studio Demo)
B3 A Thousand Hours (Miraval Studio Guide Vocal/rough Mix)
B4 Icing Sugar (Miraval Studio Guide Vocal/rough Mix)
B5 One More Time (Miraval Studio Guide Vocal/rough Mix)

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