Cream - A Live Collection (remasterd) [LP] Limited 180gram Eco Mixed Colored Vinyl , Gatefold (import)

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Limited Edition Eco Mixed Colored 180gram Vinyl, Gatefold!

Live Collection brings together the bands defining songs, performed live on stage where Cream ultimately flourished and where their improvisations forged a widely limited template for rock and beyond.  Get Your Vinyl Out presents a prized set of beaturifully restored and professionally remastered broadcasts, presented with background liners and timeline photos.


Side 1
1. "Sunshine Of Your Love" (6:32)
2. "White Room" (6:18)
3. "Tales Of Brave Ulysses" (7:35)
4. "Steppin' Out" (6:43)

Side 2
1. "Crossroads" (3:57)
2. "Traintime" (8:07)
3. "Sitting On Top Of The World" (4:50)
4. "I'm So Glad" (8:25)
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