Cliff Martinez - Too Old To Die Young (Original Series Soundtrack) [LP] (Pink & Blue Colored Vinyl, gatefold)

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Too Old To Die Young is the 10-episode original series written by Ed Brubaker & Nicolas Winding Refn, and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives, The Neon Demon).

This unique and visually stunning series tells the story of Martin (Miles Teller), a grieving police officer, who finds himself caught in the Los Angeles criminal underworld where various forces push towards sinister goals. William Baldwin, John Hawkes, and Jena Malone complete the stellar cast. The series includes all the elements that has made Nicolas Winding Refn a household name among cinema lovers: stunning visuals, exhilarating sequences, exciting action, and, of course, a one-of-a-kind soundtrack.

Since Drive, Cliff Martinez has become the go-to composer for Nicolas Winding Refn. It is no surprise that both are reuniting for Too Old To Die Young. Music is present all over the series. Cliff Martinez has composed one of his best scores for this series. The music mixes electronic beats and soundscapes with well-chosen live instrumentations.

The soundtrack to Too Old To Die Young is getting the vinyl treatment. This release features the best of Cliff Martinez’s score and a selection of needledrops used in the film pressed on a pair of colored vinyl and housed in a gorgeous gatefold jacket. Fans of Cliff Martinez and Nicolas Winding Refn cannot miss this!


Side A

A1. Naked Guy Murder

A2. Starlight Cantina

A3. No Smoking Allowed Here

A4. Larry Was A Family Man

A5. Why Does Damian Have A Problem With You

A6. Kill Me Fast And Clean

Side B

B1. I Hereby Give You Yaritza

B2. Mothers Favorite Shirt

B3. Get Some Ice Cream

B4. Jesus and the Snake

B5. High Priestess of Death

Side C

C1. I'm Hunting

C2. I Got Time

C3. Viggo and Diana

C4. Some Complications

C5. Walking To The Girl In The Ground

C6. I Can't Dig Her Out

C7. I'm Not Going To Hurt You

C8. Death By Golf Club

Side D

D1. Summassault by Julian Winding

D2. Oh La La by Goldfrapp

D3. FFA by The Leather Nun

D4. I Put the Blue In Her Eyes by Frankie Miller

D5. Elvis and Marilyn by Jimmy Angel & the Jason Gutierrez 3

D6. La Alta Sacredota de la Muerto by Carolina Hoyos

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