Bowie, David - Like Some Cat From Japan [2LP] Limited Clear Colored Vinyl, Gatefold (import)

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Limited Edition Double Clear Colored Vinyl, Gatefold!


David Bowie’s move to West Berlin in late 1976 was the biggest and most important change during the man’s career.

Enamoured with the burgeoning artistic scene in the city, by ‘78 Bowie had brought out Low and Heroes, while also having served as producer and de facto musical director for Iggy Pop.

The emergence of Krautrock had had a profound effect on Bowie, leading him to take a more abstract and experimental approach to his craft. The result was ultimately successful, with Low and Heroes being hailed as two of his greatest albums.

Bowie embarked on the mammoth Isolar II Tour, playing 78 shows across four continents over the course of the year.

The tour concluded at Japan’s NHK Hall on 12th December, which was the subject of a live broadcast transmitted across many parts of the world.

Featuring an eclectic mix of cuts from Heroes, Low, Station To Station and Ziggy Stardust, this dynamic show is now available on this 2LP set for all fans to enjoy.

SIDE A:1. Warszawa 6:23 / 2. “Heroes” 7:29

SIDE B:3. Fame 4:05 / 4. Beauty And The Beast 4:43 / 5. Five Years 4:04

SIDE C:6. Soul Love 2:55 / 7. Stay 2:26 / 8. Hang On To Yourself 2:40 / 9. Ziggy Stardust 3:38 / 10. Suffragette City 3:33

SIDE D:11. Station To Station 13:28 / 12. TVC 15 4:14

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