Bob Dylan -Vinyl Story [LP + Book] Limited Edition, Hard-Back Comic Book & LP (import)

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Limited Edition LP + Hard-Back 28page Comic Book!

Liner Notes In English & French!

With his first two albums, Bob Dylan and The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, a young American folk singer started an earthquake. Drawing on a timeless repertoire, and adding candor, humour and modern poetic imagery, Bob Dylan redefined in the early 1960s what an artist could express in a song, In the process, the entire music industry is shaking and helping to lay the foundations of modern rock.

After 50 years of career and several hundred compositions, Dylan remains a paradoxical and enigmatic personality, admired by some, hated by others. This volume tries to capture the man and the artist through its contradictions and its successive identities, from the young idealist to the sarcastic veteran, including the rock dandy and the mystical storyteller.

Side 1
1. "You're No Good" (1:39)
2. "Talkin' New York" (3:17)
3. "In My Time Of Dyin'" (2:40)
4. "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (3:09)
5. "Fixin' To Die" (2:21)
6. "Pretty Peggy-O" (3:23)
7. "Highway 51 Blues" (2:51)

Side 2
1. "Gospel Plow" (1:46)
2. "Baby, Let Me Follow You Down" (2:35)
3. "House Of The Risin' Sun" (5:18)
4. "Freight Train Blues" (2:18)
5. "Song To Woody" (2:42)
6. "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean" (2:44)
7. "Mixed-up Confusion" (2:28)

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