Black Sabbath - Sydney 1980 [2LP] Limited Black Vinyl, Gatefold (import)

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Live Radio Broadcast From 1980 On Double Black Vinyl, Gatefold!

Features The Classics "Paranoid", "War Pigs", "Children Of The Sea"!

Black Sabbath is, along with Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, the most important British hard rock band of all time.

With it's dark, mystical, obsessive atmosphere, Black Sabbath built a unique sound that has influenced countless bands since its emergence in the late '60s.

This radio broadcast from 1980, recorded in Sydney/Australia with singer/songwriter Ronnie James Dio, contains the all-time hits 'Paranoid', 'War Pigs', 'Children Of The Sea' and more!

Side 1
1. "War Pigs"
2. "Neon Knights"
3. "NIB"

Side 2
1. "Children Of The Sea"
2. "Sweet Leaf"
3. "Black Sabbath"

Side 3
1. "Heaven & Hell"

Side 4
1. "Iron Man"
2. "Paranoid"

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