Badfinger - Say No More [LP] (import) Ninth studio album

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Say No More is the ninth studio album recorded by British rock band Badfinger that contained new material. Issued in January 1981 on Radio Records, the LP was the second and last reunion by Tom Evans and Joey Molland, after the death of band founder Pete Ham in 1975. The album was recorded in Miami, Florida, by Evans, Molland, pianist and organist Tony Kaye (formerly of Yes), guitarist Glen Sherba and drummer Richard Bryans and was co-produced by Jack Richardson.

Kaye had been invited to join the band by Evans after Airwaves, as the two had been friends. Kaye later reflected on the album, "I really kind of like that album. It had a certain something. Of course, we recorded it in Miami. The band was living in a house on Key Biscayne. There was a lot of drinking and stuff going on. But the band was performing in the studio and we’d go and play a bar in Key Biscayne after we finished. We became very close, actually."


1. I Got you
2. Come On
3. Hold On
4. Because I Love you
5. Rock 'n' Roll Contract
6. Passin' Time
7. Three time Loser
8. Too Hung Up On You
9. Crocadillo
10. No More

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