Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch - Twin Peaks: Season Two Music And More (Soundtrack) [2LP] (180 Gram, gatefold)

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Soundtrack Music On Limited Edition Double LP!

The missing piece in the incredibly successful new release and reissue campaign for the Twin Peaks series has been the mysterious soundtrack to Season Two! The TV program aired in 1990-1991, without the traditional accompanying record release, and it was not until 2007 that the soundtrack album was issued, and only as a very limited CD via David Lynch’s own label. And so we have an artifact that has never been available on digital services, and more importantly, never on vinyl, and long gone on CD. And so there is nothing more ready for plugging into the set of Twin Peaks releases from Rhino, especially following on from the acclaimed pair of Season 3 soundtrack albums from 2017! 

Once again we have David Lynch himself overseeing the reissue pressed on 180g vinyl & with stills from the film included in the gatefold jacket.

• Limited Edition
• Double LP

Side A:

1. Love Theme Intro
2. Shelly
3. New Shoes
4. High School Swing
5. Hayward Boogie
6. Blue Frank
Side B:
7. Audrey's Prayer
8. I'm Hurt Bad
9. Cop Beat
10. Harold's Theme
11. Barbershop
12. Night Bells
13. Just You
14. Drug Deal Blues
Side C:
1. Audrey
2. Josie and Truman
3. Hook Rug Dance
4. Packards' Vibration
5. Half Heart
Side D:
6. Laura's Dark Boogie
7. Dark Mood Woods / The Red Room
8. Love Theme Farewell
9. Untitled Track #1 (Wind effect, David Lynch says "Hello... Booth 34 x 5149")
10. Untitled Track #2 (Alicia Witt / Gersten Hayward's background music for Harriet Hayward's "It Was Laura" poem)

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